S2E6: Faith and Business with Kenman Wong

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Churches often struggle to affirm the positive role that businesses can have and the potential influence of business leaders. After all, what does the Bible have to say about the ways we run our businesses? Jeff Haanen talks with Kenman Wong, professor of business ethics at Seattle Pacific University and producer of the Faith & Co. video series, about Christian business leaders and whole-life discipleship.


On the church's typical teaching for business leaders:

"It leaves them without guidance as to how their faith might make a difference as to why they do their work, what's really the purpose that God would have for them to spend so many hours in the workplace. And, how they do their: does being a follower of Christ make a difference in what products or services I sell, how I strategize, how I allocate resources, how I treat my employees and my customers?"

On integrating faith and business:

"I would start really with thinking about purpose. How does my work contribute to or join the redemptive work that God is doing in the world?"

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