S2E10: Shaping Student Character with Matthew Hoening

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How do educators shape the character of students as well as their minds? How can Christian teachers integrate character-development practices into secular schools? Joanna Meyer and Dustin Moody talk with Matt Hoening, an educator, pastor, and contributor to The Character Formation Project. Matt shares about the value of character formation in education and the ways to integrate values-focused curriculum into classrooms and after-school programs.


On the role of education:

"We start by asking 'What would God want his children to have?' Obviously a high quality academic program where they're growing in all those skills to be efficient and effective in any calling they have, obviously growing in their character to love one another and care for each other and love and respect, and then finally to have a deep-rooted relationship with Christ. We use different delivery systems to provide that education and make it accessible for all kids."

On the role of teachers:

"Teachers are the number one character growers in our nation...We don't appreciate them enough for their service, but they spend so much time with our children that they are helped growing the character for the next generation."

The "four p's" of character formation:

People; Pain; Purpose; Practice


Join us on July 19th for Character Formation in K-12 Education. Matt will serve as our keynote speaker and panelist.Learn More about the Character Formation Project.Download the episode transcript.

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