Reimagining Creativity for a Broken World

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Can Christian creativity change the world? What does it look like to integrate culture, art, and faith to help bring about healing? Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray talk with Sho Baraka, a globally recognized recording artist and co-founder of Forth District and The AND Campaign, on how creativity is the task of every worker. 


On creation & human benefit:

"Creation and creating is to help us flourish and help us see the beauty of society...I think the idea of creating is to create a product for the benefit of people. I mean, doctors hold an office so that folks can come in and be healed because something is ailing them."

On the job of a Christian:

"The tension that I wrestle with even in the idea of reconciliation, bridge building, whatever language or proxies you want to use... is that I know, as a Christian, I don't have the luxury to forfeit or to remove myself from being an agent of reconciliation. Because that's the job of a Christian."

On cultivating culture:

"There's something about a human interaction that a book can't do. There's something about a human interaction that the 13th documentary can't create."


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