Redeeming Your Time: Biblical Principles for Productivity

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What does it mean to "redeem" your time, and why is it important? As Christians, what does the Bible show us about the balance of productivity and rest? Join Joanna Meyer and Dustin Moody as they discuss these themes with Jordan Raynor. 


On having peace:

"As Christ followers, we already have peace. Paul says, "'We have ultimate peace with God,' in Romans 5: 1, so we don't do time management exercises to get peace–we do it in response to the ultimate peace that Christ has given us..."

On redeeming our time:

"Time stewardship is a command; it is a part of the response to the gospel because we believe there are still good works to do that bring glory to the Father. That's why we care about redeeming our time and buying up as much time as we can to do as many good works as we can for God's great glory."

On rest:

"Sabbath is productive for our goals; it makes us more productive, it gives us time to think and be creative and just rest. But more importantly than it being productive towards our's productive for our souls! Because it reminds us that even when we're not productive, we are still beloved children of the King. And by the way, the world keeps spinning even when we are not productive, you know why? Because God is producing results through our work, not us."


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