Pastor Andrew Arndt: Church, Work, and the Redemption of All Things (Videos)

Andrew Arndt is the lead pastor of Bloom Church in Denver and on the DIFW Church Advisory Council. In partnership with the Made To Flourish Pastors Network, he recently did a series of short interviews. Below are five short videos of Pastor Arndt's view of the biblical story, the place of work in God's redemption of all things, and the mission of the Church in the world today.

The way that we thought about the Biblical story was that God was trying to save a bunch of souls and whisk them out. And my time in seminary, really wrestling with the Biblical text, convinced me that that’s really not the story. God’s plan is the “reconciliation of all things” and this idea of “the new creation.” And once you start thinking along those lines, and realize that you can participate with God in the healing of creation, the work of your hands just becomes so important. —Andrew Arndt, Lead Pastor of Bloom Church in Denver 

Not the Same Old Story

The Church At Work

Salt and Light

Rethinking Church

Not About the Perfect Job