Koinonia Partners

I thank God always for you because of your partnership (koinonia) in the Gospel. Philippians 1:4-5

What is a Denver Institute Koinonia Partner?

A Denver Institute Koinonia Partner is a business or business leader who

  • both believes in and lives out Denver Institute’s mission.

  • values Denver Institute’s contribution to the business ecosystem of Denver and the Front Range.

  • ensures the mission is achieved through annual financial support.

Koinonia, the Greek word often used in Paul’s letters, and usually translated as “fellowship,” really means the joyful striving that is born of deep partnership in the Gospel.

Current Koinonia Partners

Frequently asked questions

Next Steps

If you have additional questions or are interested in becoming a Koinonia Partner with Denver Institute, please email Jeff Hoffmeyer (jeff.hoffmeyer@denverinstitute.org).