Introducing Virtue and Vice at Work

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This fall Denver Institute published Virtue and Vice at Work, a book that draws on historic traditions of the Christian faith to offer a framework for understanding the challenges and opportunities we encounter in the modern workplace. Our podcast conversations over the coming weeks will be framed around virtues we can cultivate in our various places of work. We will focus on the virtues of love, courage, humility, temperance, and justice learning from top leaders like Andy Crouch, Sabrina Little, and Katelyn Beaty. To kick off this series Joanna Meyer interviews Ryan Tafilowski and Dustin Moody the men who spearheaded this project.


On ancient wisdom:

"I think the biggest takeaway for me is realizing that these early Christian figures have such tremendous insight into what we would now call psychology, even though they're writing centuries and centuries before psychology even emerges as a discipline." - Ryan Tafilowski

On living an examined life:

"We want to make sure that we are having an examined life when it comes to how these vices show up in our work.... I think it takes examining our own heart and our motivations to see where these things are showing up for us." - Dustin Moody

On bearing with one another:

"The whole problem with the vices is that we are no match for them by ourselves. But if we bond together in community and we can get these things out into the open, we actually find that we can bear one another's vices in a way that we can't bear alone." - Ryan Tafilowski


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