How We Renew the City: His Story, Our Work (Videos)

What does it look like to renew the city? What role does our work play in God's renewal of all things? In the first video, author and speaker Amy Sherman asks how we can look for the "redemptive edge" in our work, and how we are called to both "creative renewal" and "prophetic critique" in our workplaces. She also gives four moving illustrations - an accountant, an executive, an architect and a homeschool mom - of what it looks like to steward your vocation "for the life of the world."

The next video is a panel discussion between Amy Sherman and Dave Meyer, a bus driver at Cherry Creek School District, George Harris, the Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at GE Construction, Josh Mabe, an artist and carpenter, and Hillary Lum, a doctor. In this panel, we discuss corporate social responsibility, telling a redemptive story with your work, trying times of losing a job, and how God's mission goes forward through our work. (The questions are I asked our panelists are below.)

His Story, Our Work: How We Renew the City from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

Panel Discussion: "Working for the Common Good of Denver" from Denver Institute on Vimeo.


  • George, I'd like to ask you about the impact you've seen the corporate social responsibility program at GE Construction have on employees. How has this influenced engagement, longevity, a personal sense of mission, corporate culture?
  • Also, we both go to Colorado Community Church, which has also focused on justice. How do you think the corporate social responsibility program plays a role in bringing about God's justice, his shalom, in Colorado and beyond?


  • Josh, I'd like you to share a bit about the story of your calling, specifically when you felt God calling you to "go and make tables, and I'll bring you orders." How did this fit your "design" to work with your hands (and not work in a classroom or office)?
  • Your work at Twenty1Five tells a redemptive story. Would you be willing to share how working with reclaimed wood mirrors God's story of turning "scarred" people and making them new?


  • Hillary, I think we live in a culture that avoids talking about death and dying. What kind of healing have you seen come about from facilitating conversations about the end of life? Can you share an example?
  • As a doctor and university teacher, how do you manage busyness? Does your work with the elderly influence your perspective on this issue?


  • Dave, would you be willing to share your story of losing your job as an engineering technician? Where did you see the hand of God in this trying time?
  • Also, I remember you sharing with me your counter-cultural attitude toward the students you serve, particularly how each one is valuable, and your job is not just about "getting the route done." Would you be willing to share this conversation you've had with other bus drivers?


  • Amy, how do you see each of these vocations fitting into the mission of God?