How to Find Meaningful Work in a Changing World with Michaela O’Donnell

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What does it look like to move towards meaning in our work? Join Joanna Meyer and Jeff Hoffmeyer as they talk with Michaela O'Donnell about her new book "Make Work Matter: Your Guide to Meaningful Work in a Changing World." Together they discuss practical steps and provide tools to help you discern what to do next in your career.


On moving forward in our work:

"... the many conversations I've had with people would affirm that there's a lot of crisis that comes up. And so, the task then is ironically in order to move forward in our work, it's like we've got to relocate where our sense of meaning and identity and sense of purpose comes from. We've got to extract that a bit from our work and into the whole of life that God has for us..."

On figuring out calling:

"I think deep inside, we know we can't figure it out all by ourselves and yet the whole idea of community in a more distributed, more scattered age at work or otherwise is increasingly complicated, sometimes fragmented. And so, I think community is central, but access to community isn't a given."

On taking risks:

"I find that when I teach people about risk, there are a certain number of people who will say, "I am just not a risk-taker. That's not me. I'm not. It's not safe. I'm not comfortable." And these are the same people that have been oozing empathy. Just oozing empathy for one another. And what I'd like to say is, if you have ever truly moved toward someone in empathy, you have already been practicing risk."


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