How a Leading Retailer Builds a Culture of Love

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What does it look like to lead in your industry and be known distinctly as a "practitioner of love?" In today's episode of The Faith & Work Podcast, we hear from an expert who is leading the way - Jasmine Bellamy, VP of Merchandising, Planning, & Allocation at a major retailer. Jasmine is also the founder of Love 101 Ministries and is finishing a doctorate in global leadership at Fuller Seminary, focused on Redemptive Imagination in the Marketplace. Listen in as Jasmine shares her insights, practices, and experiences related to being a practitioner of love.


On being rooted:

" ...Because I am rooted in love, how I show up as a leader, I show up as love in that work."

On redemptive imagination:

"Redemptive imagination for me is about being able to transform a context. To come to a different outcome than the one we are in and the audacity to imagine it in a new way and then to live it out."

On Love 101:

"Love is a practice. What we practice, we become." - Love 101 mantra


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