Thursday, Feb. 26 /
6:15 p.m. /
Greenwood Village, CO

Women, Work & Calling

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Held on February 26, 2015.Whether women are working at home, professionally, in the wider community or all of the above, they face unique challenges as they seek to faithfully navigate the complexity of their calling. For Christians seeking to steward the fullness of their lives, finding better language and more flexible frameworks to think about the many dimensions of a woman’s work is essential. In the midst of inevitable tensions and uncertainties how does our faith address the questions many women face and how can the church better equip women in their vocation?


Katelyn Beaty

Kate Harris

Executive Director (Former)

Cindy Chang Mahlberg

Business Director & Integrator

Event Videos

Katelyn Beaty - The Christian Call for Women to Work


Kate Harris - Navigating the Challenges of Career, Motherhood and Identity


Panel Discussion