Wednesday, Oct. 21 /
6:30 p.m. /
Denver, CO

Thriving Cities: How Can Our Work Help Denver Flourish?

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Held on October 21, 2015.Cities have become the primary context in which most human beings will live out their lives—make their homes, foster meaningful relationships, earn a living, and pursue their dreams. But what makes these diverse microcosms of humanity thrive? And, what role does the Church play in the health and welfare of this city?Thriving Cities, was an evening devoted to answering three critical questions:What does it mean for a city like Denver to flourish?What role does the Church, and its members, play in renewing this city?How can our work help Denver thrive?For this event, we welcomed Joshua Yates, director of the University of Virginia’s “Thriving City Project”–an interdisciplinary research project designed to help city leaders, citizens, and professionals effectively engage their communities–and Greg Thompson and Emily Gum of New City Commons–a consulting team that strengthens churches in the work of serving their neighbors.Throughout the evening, we identified areas in our community that are broken and ways we can use our faithful presence to bring Denver healing and hope.


Greg Thompson

Director of Research and Strategy

Joshua Yates


Dave Runyon


Trevor Lee

Lead Pastor

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Thriving Cities Panel Discussion


Greg Thompson - Living as Christians in the City