Thursday, Sep. 20 /
6:30 p.m. /
Denver, Colo.

Mind & the Machine: A Christian Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

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Cogito, ergo sum.   “I think, therefore, I am.”- Rene DescartesArtificial intelligence isn’t some distant phenomenon – it’s already here, flying your airplanes, reading your X-rays, and learning your Google search patterns. But the topic elicits a variety of reactions, ranging from excitement to fear. If you fall anywhere on that spectrum, join us for our next event focused on artificial intelligence framed by Christian theology: What questions should we be asking? How will this disrupt what we know about work? How can this transformative technology be used for the common good?Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work and a panel of technologists and thinkers, September 20 at Summit Church to explore the risks and redemptive potential of artificial intelligence.

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Thursday, September 26th



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For currently-enrolled college & university students

Thursday, September 26th

6:30 p.m.



Zac Vawter

Founding Engineer

John Froelich

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Michael Plato

Assistant Professor of Intellectual History and Christian Thought

Max Anderson

Founding Partner

Matt Engel

Research Fellow / People Solutions