Thursday, Jun. 17 /
9 a.m. /
Denver, Colo.

Designing Worship for Workers

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“If all of life is going to be worship, the sanctuary is the place where we learn how.”

–James K.A. Smith

How might we design Sunday morning worship that speaks to Monday morning work?

Throughout the workday, workers’ hearts are pulled in countless directions. Will they find their identity and satisfaction in a recent promotion? Or compromise their integrity to get ahead?

Workplace tensions form and deform our souls, so how can churches help shape members for and through their work? Could Sunday worship be more than an escape from the daily grind? 

Pastors, worship leaders, and church staff are invited to join Denver Institute for Faith & Work and Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, author of Work and Worship: Reconnecting Labor and Liturgy, for a practical workshop exploring forms of worship that engage work and workers in a divine dialogue. As we explore Scripture and diverse traditions throughout church history, Matt will help teach ministry leaders how to craft services that give your members the space and time, the language and practices, to offer their whole lives and work to God.

This event is free, but space is limited; advanced registration is required.We will follow the latest recommended COVID guidance for small gatherings.

Ministry Leaders Gathering

Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

Thursday, June 20th

9 a.m.


About Matthew Kaemingk

Rev. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk is associate dean and assistant professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary. Matthew also serves as a fellow at the Center for Public Justice and a scholar-in-residence at the De Pree Center for Christian Leadership. Matthew’s research and public speaking focuses on a variety of issues related to faith and public life. These include: religious pluralism and political ethics, Muslim-Christian relations, marketplace ethics, and Reformed public theology. He is the author of Work & Worship, Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear, and Reformed Public Theology.

Praise for Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy

“Here, finally, is the book that will take the ‘faith and work’ conversation to new depths of intentionality. With theological clarity and real-world accountability, Kaemingk and Willson mend what we have rent asunder. Advancing scholarship in theology of culture, it is also a must-read for those who lead worship for workers–which includes, of course, everyone. This should become a standard textbook, for the sake of the church and for the sake of the world.” 

–James K.A. Smith

“This book is for bridge builders who desire to put into practice what it can mean to live a fully integrated life. There is so much truth in this book that it made my heart ache for our current reality and, at the same time, soar with hope for what could be by simply understanding that the church can provide so much more for its community of laborers.”

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