Thursday, Sep. 10 /
6:00 p.m. /
Denver, CO

Creating Good Jobs for Our Community

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Held on September 10, 2015.Business has the power to transform the lives of the poor. Good jobs that provide economic security, dignity, and an environment to learn new skills have the potential to help entire communities flourish economically.Yet how do businesses create good jobs for at-risk or low-income candidates? What are the best practices in providing meaningful employment that create opportunities for the poor and boost employers' bottom line? What are the pitfalls of these programs--and opportunities? How can businesses care for their neighbor and also stay profitable? Can a broader social mission re-energize the mission of business?At this business forum, we explored best practices from “apprentice” programs designed to make local businesses agents of social and spiritual transformation. We heard from experts who have successfully created jobs and brought new life to at-risk communities across the US.


Karla Nugent

Chief Revenue Officer

Julius Walls


Andy Magel


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Julius Walls - Keynote