Thursday, Feb. 01 /
7:30 a.m. /
Denver, CO

Business for the Common Good

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What if we measured a company’s impact by more than dollars and cents?

 For the last 50 years, business leaders have championed the belief that a corporation’s sole responsibility is to maximize shareholder value. Yet this obsessive focus was one of the major factors driving the abuses that nearly destroyed the global economy in 2008.What if we looked beyond the bottom line to measure the impact of a life, an organization, or an industry more how it helps others and our community thrive?Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work at “Business for the Common Good,” an annual half-day business event for leaders passionate about using their gifts and resources to shape our world. Hear elected officials’ thoughts on the future of Colorado’s economy, be inspired by business leaders whose work is shaping communities across the country, and participate in breakout sessions exploring impact investing, creating a workplace where both men and women thrive, and clarifying your calling in the midst of job transition.Sponsorships are available for this event!Email to learn more.

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Speakers & Panelists

Our Guests

Pete Ochs

Founder & Chairman

Owen Hill

State Senator

Alec Garnett

State Representative

Denise Daniels

Hudson T. Harrison Professor of Entrepreneurship

Jason Myhre

Director of Marketing & Advisory Services

John Marsh


Tim Macready

Chief Investment Officer

Jake Weidmann

Master Penman

Dan Steiner

Mentoring Director

Jeff Haanen

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Joanna Meyer

Denver Institute for Faith & Work

Event Videos

Main Sessions & Breakouts

Healing the Economy

Jeff Haanen

The Future of Colorado's Economy

Jeff Haanen, Alec Garnett, Owen Hill

Building A Workplace Where Both Men & Women Thrive

Denise Daniels

Impact Investing: Good Business for Healthy Communities

Chad Hamilton, Pete Ochs, Jason Mhyre, Tim Macready

The Value of Art for Business

Jake Weidmann

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Opening Session

The Future of Colorado's Economy

Colorado is experiencing an economic boom. Since 2011, Colorado has created an estimated 400,000 jobs and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Yet Colorado’s infrastructure is aging and underfunded; the population boom has caused skyrocketing home prices; and the Association of General Contractors of America says that 85 percent of Colorado companies are having a hard time filling craft positions, like carpenters, concrete workers, and electricians. What are the critical issues facing Colorado’s economy today? What innovative projects should Christians be involved in that can meet our housing, transportation, energy, education, and economic needs? How can Christian business leaders work with elected officials to ensure the economy is serving both white collar and working-class Coloradans?

State politicians Owen Hill (Republican) and Alec Garnett (Democrat) will join us for a conversation addressing Colorado’s economic future from both sides of the aisle.

Led by Jeff Haanen, Owen Hill, Alec Garnett

Breakout Session Options

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Better Together: Building a Workplace Where Both Men & Women Thrive

As recent headlines remind us, men and women often struggle to work together. Whether it’s integrating diverse work styles, navigating sexual tension in the office, or creating equitable opportunities for advancement, we’re still struggling to build workplaces where both men and women thrive.

Should we even care about gender at work? How can the gospel guide the way we relate to each other? Join Dr. Denise Daniels to explore these tensions and identify strategies to maximize the potential of every employee.

Led by Denise Daniels

What’s Right is Also What’s Smart: Investing in Good Business & Healthy Communities

Today 75% of Millennials say impact investing is a priority – and a growing amount of money is being invested in “impact funds.” In 2010 there were 177 impact funds totaling $37 billion; in 2014 that number ballooned to 336 funds and $224 billion. As more interest coalesces on socially responsible investing and “ESG” (environmental, social, and governance) funds, how do we distinguish “impact investing” from everyday investing? Can values-driven investments be as profitable as non-impact funds? Learn how the Christian faith can guide investing in everything from pensions to mutual funds to small businesses.

Led by Tim Macready, Pete Ochs, Jason Myhre

Trusting God with What’s Next: Gaining Clarity about Calling & Job Choice

“What am I called to?” That’s the question it seems many of us are asking. The fact that 70% of Americans are disengaged from their work should be cause for concern. But it should also cause us ask better questions – and seek better answers. Denver Seminary Mentoring Director / 5280 Fellows cohort leader Dan Steiner shares principles to clarify your calling, find purpose in your work, and navigate job transitions.

Led by Dan Steiner

Lunch & Closing Sessions

Interview: The Value of Art for Business

Does the physical environment of a business matter? Walls, color, light, images – many businesses use buildings to communicate their corporate values or mission. Yet are our workplaces beautiful? Should art have a role in businesses and workplaces in Colorado? Can art awaken creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and a sense of deeper purpose in our work?

Led by Jeff Haanen, Jake Weidmann

Panel: Business for the Common Good

Businesses strive to be profitable, but when was the last time you saw a business strive to be redemptive? Can God use business plans, budget reports, and marketing strategies to make a lasting difference in lives and communities? Successful businessmen John Marsh of Marsh Collective and Pete Ochs of Capital III investments share how entrepreneurial imagination and God-given vision led them to launch businesses in unlikely places - behind the walls of the Kansas State Penitentiary and in a small, struggling Alabama town. Professor Denise Daniels will explore essential elements that make any role meaningful - and how business leaders can introduce them into their organizations. Learn how to leverage financial, social, and spiritual capital to shape the people and places you love.

The following videos featuring our panelists provide real-life examples of this work:

The Marsh Collective

Jailhouse Generosity

Led by Pete Ochs, John Marsh, Denise Daniels