Empowering Women Through Work

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In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Catherine Sandgren talk with Melissa Russell, International Justice Mission's Regional President of North America. Together they discuss the work IJM is doing to help alleviate injustice that women around the world face in their work.   


On living into your giftings:

"I would say to women everywhere in all the places that they're working, the corporate space, the home space, wherever that is, God wants us to take up the full place that he's given us. He does not want us to pull back from that. We don't bless anyone by leaving something off the table."

On leading well:

"I think if you are leading younger women, whether you're a woman leading younger women or a man leading younger women, you are going to have to be very deliberate in helping them overcome social norms that prevent them from actually bringing their full selves to the table."

On taking professional risks:

" Be willing to take risks, be willing to do something new, even if you haven't done it before and having succeeded at it before....."


Learn more about Melissa Russell and the work of IJM