Does Faith Have a Place in Corporate Life?

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Does faith have a place in corporate life? For some, this question can be one of tension, anxiety, or uncertainty. In today's conversation, we hear from Craig Carter, who worked in financial systems and analytics at Intel for 25 years and played an instrumental role in establishing faith-based employee resource groups within the corporation. Listen in as Craig shares about how growing numbers of corporations are inviting employees to express their religious identity at work through faith-centric ERGs and the next steps you could take to bring one to your organization.


On what ERG's do:

"With the Christian Employee Resource Group, they'll often be prayer groups that meet on specific topics, but when I say prayer groups, that could be everything from a Catholic group praying the rosary, to an intercessory prayer group, or a prayer for healing or praying right now for what's going on in the Middle East..."

On the importance of faith:

"85% of the US population says that faith is important to them, 85%. That includes 5% that we classify themselves as atheists and then 80% that are religious, about 70% of that would be Christian."

On being authentic in the workplace:

"Be authentic at work and there's no better way to do that than sharing your personal faith with others..."


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