Crafting Your Purpose featuring Jon Coleman

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When you think about your purpose do you think about the role your work plays? Are individuals limited to a singular purpose in life? Listen in as The Faith & Work Podcast interviews Jon Coleman author of the book HBR Guide to Crafting Your Purpose and Managing Partner at Sovereign’s Capital, a faith-driven investing company. In this episode, we discuss some of Jon's findings on the topic of purpose and the unique perspective our Christian faith brings to the table.


On the opportunity for impact:

"Sometimes these positions we overlook [at work] have some of the greatest opportunities for impact you can imagine."

On our misconceptions of purpose:

"We have this almost Hollywood vision of purpose that we have bought into, which is very romantic on the screen and very unromantic in our day-to-day life."

On the abundance of purpose:

"I think we're each surrounded by dozens or hundreds of opportunities for purpose and meaning in our professional and personal lives every day."


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