Stan Bullis

Managing Partner
Unbridled Solutions

Stand launched Unbridled Solutions, LLC and UnbridledACTS in 2001 with the idea that unbound and engaging experiences bring about transformational change. Two organizations, one mission: to transform environments, messages, people, and communities. We are a growing community of people dedicated to the business of personal and environmental transformation. The Unbridled Solutions team fulfills this mission by developing customized Experience Design [XD] and Experience Management [XM] platforms for corporate events, so that UnbridledACTS can provide caring communities for women and youth in crisis. The profits of one contribute to the purposes of the other. The success of Unbridled Solutions allows us to contribute in excess of $300,000 a year to the UnbridledACTS communities, two in Colorado, and one in Uganda.

Stan also owns Unbridled Contractors, a restoration firm that brings many of the Front Range’s beloved buildings and communities back to life.