Emanuel Bistrian

European American Investment Group

Emanuel Bistrian is the Founder of European American Investment Group (EAIG) and Founder and CEO of Westfield Development. EAIG is a real estate investment fund in Romania and Westfield Development is an innovative real estate development in Romania. Westfield is revolutionizing the real estate market by merging the comfort of a US suburb with the strong sense of community found in most European cities and it was awarded the “Best New Concept in Romania for 2018”. Emanuel is also the President of GiveFirst Foundation which aims to catalyze a strategic generosity movement in Romania and become a source of inspiration to business leaders looking to merge faith and work. Additionally, he serves on multiple boards promoting generosity in Europe. Prior to his work in Romania, Emanuel owned a construction company and invested in real estate in Dallas, TX. This experience proved to be very valuable in real estate development.

Emanuel is passionate about innovation and product design. He and his wife Bianca live in Cluj, Romania with their 4 children.