Curious about how faith could shape your work?


Get audio insight wherever you go through Denver Institute’s podcasts. Discover timeless wisdom for your work, be inspired by stories from the workplace, and experience God more deeply in and through your calling. Learn more and listen in below.

The Faith & Work Podcast explores our everyday work in God’s world. Through conversations with organizational leaders, frontline workers, and scholars across industries, we tackle common workplace challenges, broaden your vision for how God is at work in our communities, and offer tools to deepen your experience of God on the job.

Episode Length: 35-45 minutes

Release Schedule: Every other Friday

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Teach Us To Pray explores the complexity and simplicity of prayer. Each episode pairs a short scripture meditation with applications for your daily work and life with guided prayer, providing an example of what it means to pray without ceasing in your daily life.

Episode Length: 7-10 minutes

Release Schedule: Every Monday

Subscribe: Available on iTunes and Spotify! Coming soon: Google Play, and Stitcher.