Laura Bernero
As A Christian, Why Should I Care About _?

As a Christian, why should I care about _? How would you fill in the blank to reflect the questions you’re wrestling with today? For you, is it race? Societal trends? Pop culture? Politics? These are the kinds of topics that thoughtful Christian rap artist Amisho “Sho” Baraka engages through his music, speaking engagements, and […]

Joanna Meyer
When a Platform Becomes a Pulpit: Three Reasons I Trust a Rapper for Spiritual Insight

As someone who loves to learn, I battle a seemingly unending flow of information into my life. The list of books and blogs I aspire to read has grown so long, I doubt I will exhaust it in my lifetime. But every so often, an artist’s work cuts through this cluttered list and demands my […]

Jill Anschutz
A Conversation about Rap, Race & Faith

As 2016 closed out, I spent time reflecting on the major headlines of the year – not just the headlines written by major news outlets, but the themes that captured my attention and would stick with me in the new year. One of those headlines went like this: “I Still Have a Lot to Learn […]

Jeff Haanen
The “Culture Hole” in Our Annual Giving

So many charities, so many choices. This time of year, year-end fundraising appeals pour into our mailboxes. How are we to decide between the many worthy nonprofit causes that are asking for financial support? If you’re anything like Kelly (my wife) and me, you have to make this choice carefully. We’ve set aside a certain […]

Joanna Meyer
How A Singer-Songwriter Harmonizes Faith & Work

I recently had the opportunity to interview Joel Ansett about how his faith informs his work as a singer-songwriter. Our conversation appears below and invites us all to integrate our beliefs into the daily work of our hands. JM: What’s your professional background? How did you decide to pursue music full time? JA: My professional […]

Brian Gray
Advertising, Media & The Stories We Sell

Legendary ad man Leo Burnett observed, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.”  Does marketing and advertising feed our hunger for more or can it contribute to the common good? Hear how a panel of marketers and public relations experts answered this question at our 2015 event “Media, […]

Jeff Haanen
Filmmaking & The Power of Story

At our 2015 event “Media, Marketing & Storytelling,” a group of marketers gathered to hear from filmmaker T.C. Johnston, Executive Director of the Gratis 7 Media Group, about filmmaking and the power of story. T.C. describes the moment when his interest in filmmaking crossed God’s call on his life. On a trip through Africa with […]

Jeff Haanen
David Lopes: Facilities Manager, Artist

This interview tells the story of David Lopes, a Facilities Manager at Colorado Community Church and an artist. David shares his theological vision for both art as well as his daily work of cleaning and maintaining the facilities. Jeff: Tell me briefly who you are and where you come from. David: I’m originally from Cape Cod, […]

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