Biblical Womanhood & Work with Beth Allison Barr

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How does the Christian faith inform gender roles, specifically, how women integrate their various callings and influence in the world? Listen in as Joanna Meyer and Beth Allison Barr, Associate Professor of History and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Baylor University, discuss her book, "The Making of Biblical Womanhood".


On following God's call:

"As humans, we often we try to force each other into roles and we try to force ourselves to be what we think other people will like when, really, all God is calling us to do is to follow and to follow in whatever way God calls us. So, I would just like people to be free, to be who God has called them to be..."

On women's callings:

"My general narrative is people should do what God has called them to do, whether that be home or work...but the idea that women can stay home and not work outside the home is a very modern concept. It is also a concept that is class-based. It's mostly and only wealthier, white women who have been able to afford this, so we always have to think about that..."

On rethinking gender roles:

"...women and men have been taught is that our godly calling is not only to live out the Gospel but to live out the Gospel in these distinctly different gendered paths and that if we deviate from those paths, that it is damaging to the Gospel."


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