Biblical Perspectives on Pot Use & the Marijuana Industry featuring Dave Morlan

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Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado in 2012, it has become a common part of life in the Denver metro area. As Christians in this cultural context some questions that arise include 'It may be legal, but is it acceptable to use pot recreationally?' or 'What about work in the marijuana industry?'. In this episode, Joanna Meyer and Brian Gray interview Dave Morlan, co-founder and teaching pastor at Fellowship Denver Church, about work and faith in the gray areas.


On embracing two commands:

"I feel like for us, as a community, we have to embrace the tension between two commands. First is to be salt and light, so we have to be distinct...But we hold that intention with another thing we have to do, we're committed to doing, which is to be friends with sinners and tax collectors, the call of the gospel extends to all people."

On gray areas of work:

"I feel like for Christians in the marijuana industry and those in industries that fit into the category of gray area, it's important for them to ask the question, is this a net positive, or is it not? And to be honest about the answer."

On permissible vs profitable:

"I'd say for any disciple of Jesus, the question of pot usage is permissible versus profitable. If as a Christian I'm using pot, it may be permissible. And in some rare cases, maybe even the right thing to do. But is it actually profitable? Is it good for your community? Is it good for your family? I feel like those are the questions that I would lead any disciple to ask".


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