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Reclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern Medicine, by Joel Shuman and Brian Volck. Written by a theologian and a pediatrician, Reclaiming the Body is a prophetic critique of the near-worship of modern medicine. They offer readers a deeply Christian view of health that respects our embodied existence and sees health not as an end in itself but as a gift from God. This book is a rare contribution to faith and medicine that deals not only with the doctor-patient relationship, but also offers a framework for all of medicine based on Christian theology.

Regarding the End of Medicine and the Pursuit of Health,” By Leon R. Kass. A wise article in National Affairs on what plagues public health, and what might be done about it.

God, Medicine, and Suffering, by Stanley Hauerwas. The Duke ethicist exposes how we vainly look to medicine as a god to deliver us from all pain and suffering. The book is a deep treatment of suffering, and a deeply faithful view of living and dying.

How to Think Morally about Healthcare: A Philosopher Engages Medical Ethics.” A wise Veritas Forum lecture by prominent theologian Nicholas Wolterstorff.

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