Scatter is an online learning platform applying Christian faith to themes of calling, culture, and work in diverse roles and industries.The Purpose of Business course asks, “Is there also a way to link the heart of Christian faith to the actual day-to-day work of business?”


Suggested books, websites & articles

Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. For a comprehensive perspective on economics from a Christian perspective, start with the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. Nobody does it better, or more thoroughly. (Though the Acton Institute is a close second.)

The Economics of Neighborly Love: Investing in Your Community’s Compassion and Capacity by Tom Nelson. See Jeff’s review of this book above in the blog section.

Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire, by William Cavanaugh. This slim volume is the starting point if you’re interested in Christian faith and the economy.

The Commercial Society: Foundations and Challenges in a Global Age, by Samuel Gregg. An insightful, balanced book diagnosing the global challenges of capitalism.

Capitalism and Progress: A Diagnosis of Western Society, by Bob Goudzwaard. A classic analysis of the West & capitalism from a theological perspective.

Economic Compulsion and Christian Ethics by Albino Barrera.

Losing Interest? – Imagining a Financial System Without Debt. A fascinating talk by the Veritas forum.

Faith and FinanceConvivium Magazine, Vol 2. No. 8. Though you’ll have to buy the magazine, this Convivium article is a thought-provoking treatment on “restoring faith in the financial world.”

Jay Peroni, a faith-based investor, has dedicated time to thinking about how Christian faith should influence our portfolios.

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