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Not sure where to start with faith and work at your church?

We have recently developed a 6-week small group curriculum titled:

His Story, Our Stories: Encountering God Through Our Work

Created in partnership with the Theology of Work project, this story-based curriculum allows people to see real-life examples of faith at work while providing a solid, biblical foundation for their vocations.

Each lesson is based on an article written by Denver Institute for Faith & Work Executive Director Jeff Haanen or board member Chris Horst for Christianity Today.  The lessons, with the article and a discussion guide, are:

“Light for Electricians”
Biblical Theme: Creation
Example: Karla Nugent, Weifield Group Electrical Contracting

“Investments for the Kingdom”
Biblical Theme: Calling
Example: Robin John, Eventide Funds

“Showing Hospitality to Strangers and Spring Breakers”
Biblical Theme:
Example: Dave Collins, Marriott Hotels

“Productivity and Grace:  Management and Labor at a Denver Manufacturer”
Biblical Theme: Evangelism
Example: Jim Howey and Steve Hill, Blender Products

“A Well-Designed Journal Can Change Your Life”
Biblical Theme: Culture
Example: Mica May, May Designs

“A Growing Charter School Planted in Rocky Soil,”
Biblical Theme: Leadership
Example: Bill Kurtz, Denver Schools of Science and Technology

Download lesson 1, “Light for Electricians” below, and get the entire curriculum for FREE by CONTACTING US >>

Scatter is an online learning platform applying Christian faith to themes of calling, culture, and work in diverse roles and industries. In the Vocational Holiness course you will be privileged to hear from Eugene on the subject of vocation. A subject that often raises many questions, Eugene has precious nuggets of wisdom to share from his own rich life experience.


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"For too many people, there is a huge divide between the faith they celebrate on Sunday and the work they do on Monday. Denver Institute for Faith & Work is helping us close that gap.”
Pastor Stephen Redden, of New Denver Church

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