Scatter is an online learning platform applying Christian faith to themes of calling, culture, and work in diverse roles and industries.

Several Scatter courses touch on the idea of calling:

Reimagining Our Cities with Greg Thompson

The Holiness of Work with Eugene Peterson

Foundations of Work

Beyond Leaning In with Katelyn Beaty


Suggested books, websites & articles

The Fabric of This World: Inquiries into Calling, Career Choice, and the Design of Human Work, by Lee Hardy; The Fabric of This World is an excellent evangelical introduction to calling and human work. Strong on history and practical examples, Hardy’s book is a must read for anybody searching for their vocation.

Work, Play, Love: A Visual Guide to Calling, Career and the Mission of God, by Mark Shaw. Mark Shaw explores the balance between meaningful work, refreshing fun, and great relationships in this illustrated book on vocation and calling.

Motherhood as Vocation, by Kate Harris. Executive Director of The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, Kate Harris, argues that stay-at-home motherhood is meaningful work.

Vocation: Discerning Our Callings in Life, by Douglas J. Schuurman. With diverse opinions ranging from college students to professional theologians, Schuurman examines current responses to the classic view of vocation and offers a revised application of this doctrine for contemporary Christians.

Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good, by Steven Garber. Steve Garber is, in many ways, the godfather of the modern faith and work movement. His new book, Visions of Vocation, is the compilation of a lifetime of relationships and insights around how people find meaning and serve Christ in their work, their life, and in ways that bring life to the world.

Finding Your Calling Part I: What is a Vocation?, by Brett and Kate McCay. A fantastic five-part blog post on The Art of Manliness. A great introduction to the myths, realities, and challenges of vocation – with a side of masculinity.

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life, by Os Guinness. Couched in questions about life’s purpose, Os Guinness combines story and philosophy to answer life’s deepest questions.

Callings: Twenty Centuries of Christian Wisdom on Vocation, edited by William Placher. A great anthology on the theme of calling through church history. Though much of the book is about the priestly calling (as the word “vocation” was understood before the Reformation), Callings is a rich resource for seekers of ancient wisdom.

God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life, by Gene Edward Veith. Veith is one of Reformation theologian Martin Luther’s biggest fans, and has written a widely received book on vocation, both in work and beyond.

What Is Vocation?, by Stephen Nichols. A slim booklet on vocation; not a bad gift for graduates.

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