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The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment, by Eric. O. Jacobsen. Presbyterian pastor Eric Jacobsen (Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary) has written one of the best treatments on the built environment from a distinctively Christian perspective. Between measuring sidewalks and buildings that “leak space,” Jacobsen offers a theology of place that contemplate, justice, beauty, and human flourishing. A must-read for Christian engineers and architects alike.

Till We Have Built Jerusalem: Architecture, Urbanism and the Sacred, by Phillip Bess. Bess argues for “traditional architecture and urbanism, their relationship to human flourishing, and the kind of culture required to create and sustain traditional towns and city neighborhoods.” A conservative Catholic, Bess has loads of interesting insight.

Where Mortals Dwell: A Christian View of Place for Today, by Craig Bartholomew. A bit heavy philosophically and theologically, but a very comprehensive treatment on place and environmental themes from the Bible.

The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses, by Juhani Pallasma. Though not necessarily faith-based, The Eyes of the Skin is a modern classic in architectural theory.

The Architecture of Happiness, by Alain De Botton. Written by (atheist) Alain De Botton, The Architecture of Happiness is a stimulating book on the philosophy and psychology of architecture.

The Poetics of Space, by Gaston Bachelard. A wise, insightful book recommended by many Christians in the field.

Why Architecture Matters, by David Greusel. This article is a wonderful reading on why Christians should care about the built environment.

David Greusel: Create Places Where People Can Flourish, interview with David Greusel at Duke University. Again, the implications of David’s thought are beautiful and challenging for all of us who build and design.

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