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Many Christians feel a disconnect between their spiritual and professional lives.

Christians are called to love God and serve our neighbors, but when it comes to our 8-to-5 lives, we struggle to see how the gospel matters for our work.

In a culture skeptical toward Christian public presence, our work becomes a platform on which to experience God, exemplify the gospel, and serve the needs of the world.

In partnership with the local church, we disciple believers to live out their faith in their workplace as a way to love God and serve our neighbors.

"It's difficult for one church to provide all the educational resources and vocation-specific opportunities to thrive. DIFW makes all this possible while enabling us to join arms with other churches for the greater good of Denver."

Shane Sunn
Pastor, St. Patrick Presbyterian Church

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"For too many people, there is a huge divide between the faith they celebrate on Sunday and the work they do on Monday. DIFW is helping us close that gap.”

Stephen Redden
Pastor, New Denver Church