Can Your Church Help Market DIFW Events?

Church Partners advance the mission of DIFW in two primary ways: through financial support as a local mission partner, and through advertising DIFW events to appropriate people in their churches who might be served by them.

We host 8-9 public events each year, along with our 5280 Fellowship – a 9 month intensive discipleship program for working professionals. We ask partner churches to advertise these opportunities to their people as they see fit. This could mean a select email to 4 or 5 doctors and nurses on a “Redeeming Medicine” event, a general church announcement for events with wider appeal, or a web/bulletin ad in the two weeks preceding an event.
We’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible for you:

  1. We offer a few complimentary event tickets for your staff, or for your staff to offer your people as personal invites.
  2. Six weeks before an event, we create editable advertising copy for your website, bulletin, and/or social media platforms. We will email you a link to that material for each event, and we will send that directly to any staff member you identify who handles your communications. You can always find it embedded in each public event ad on the Church Partner Hub.
  3. We create event information and ticket pages
    through Eventbrite which we will send you. Consider sending a direct invite email to several people in your church who might be particularly well-served by that event (and even offer them those complimentary tickets). This is a quick, easy way to equip your people theologically within their occupations and callings.

From post-event surveys over the past three years, 99% of event attendees have told us that they would definitely recommend DIFW events to others. We’re thankful for your partnership in spreading the word about these opportunities to shape Christians within their work, callings, and cultural engagement.