Business for the Common Good On-Demand

How do you determine if a business is successful? Is it reflected in a positive balance sheet, gleaming customer reviews, or a charismatic CEO? What if God measured success by a broader standard—by the way businesses help every employee, supplier, consumer, or community they touch to thrive?

Business for the Common Good On-Demand  features keynote presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders from finance, technology, sales, and the nonprofit sector.

Features include:

faith-driven investing, generous business practices, and the purpose of business;

guided questions for group discussion; and

more than six hours of content.

With more than six hours of expert teaching from industry leaders, Business for the Common Good On-Demand is valued at more than $250. To help others experience the gospel in business, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Denver Institute for Faith & Work. We are grateful  for your financial support.