A Season of Change at DIFW

CEO Transition Planned for 2022

Denver Institute for Faith & Work’s board of directors announced January 7, 2022, that Jeff Haanen will transition the CEO role to a new leader in 2022. This leadership handoff was initiated by Jeff and comes after 10 years of dedicated service to the organization. The DIFW board will immediately begin preparing to conduct a search for the next leader. Jeff will continue as CEO until a successor is named later in 2022.

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From Jeff Haanen – A Letter to the Denver Institute Community

From the DIFW Board – A Statement on the CEO Transition


The DIFW board of directors invites questions and communication about the transition from the community at boardchair@denverinstitute.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will there be an interim CEO?”

The board does not anticipate naming an interim leader. We intend to launch a search in short order and have Jeff hand off leadership to the new, permanent CEO in 2022.

“Is the mission changing?”

Our mission is steadfast and remains unchanged. The board believes much work remains to be done to achieve our vision of helping men and women serve God, neighbor, and society through their work, and we believe DIFW is poised to enter a new season of opportunity and effectiveness. 

“What changes can we expect to DIFW programming?”

All programs and initiatives at DIFW, including Business for the Common Good coming up on Friday, February 25, will continue as planned during the search. Jeff will remain in the role of CEO until a new CEO has been named and officially starts in 2022.

“What’s next?”

The DIFW board is beginning the search for our next CEO in January 2022. We anticipate that future public announcements and details will be available this spring, with the hope of filling the CEO role before the end of 2022. Updates will be available on the DIFW website and communicated via email.

“Who do I talk to now?”

Please continue to communicate with whomever you are connected with at DIFW. Jeff will continue as CEO at least through the first half of 2022 and the board commits to keeping the DIFW community updated on the status of the leadership transition. Any questions can be directed to boardchair@denverinstitute.org.

Please direct any questions or feedback to Bob Larkin, Denver Institute Board Chair.

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